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Our Story

Christine, the owner of Patty's Deli grew up in the UK and came 'back home' in 2005, after many many visits on holiday. She decided to set up Patty's Deli to bring a little luxury to Carriacou.

Patty's Deli is named after her grandmother, Granny Patty, the original owner of the house, which is now Patty's Villa. Kervin (Christine's father) grew up in the house and lovingly restored it on his return home in 1992.

Granny Patty was a very special lady who always had time for everyone who passed her door. No-one was allowed to leave without sampling Patty's wonderful generosity and hospitality. Patty ran a bakery in the premises where Patty's Deli now stands and was renowned for her 'Fontey' - a ginger rock cake.

Christine has revived the tradition of baking on the premises with her daily freshly baked cakes and pastries.



Granny Patty outside Patty's Villa (c. 1972)

Granny Patty

Christine outside Patty's Deli (2008)

Pattys Deli Owner